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Monsterland 4 - One More Junior

There's a new baby in Monsterland, making sleep near impossible for Monster Dad *sigh* Honestly, with all these kids around, no one could sleep. Given the nature of monsters, one would expect Monster Dad to eat one of his youngn's, but no, in a most unmonsterly manner, he endures their antics and their incessant jumping on his head. Not many humans would put up with that sort of crap.

OK, to the important matter, the game. It is your destiny to aid the Jnr Monsters on their quest to give their dad sleeplessness. Click whatever barriers may be present to help them fall, move or otherwise to a position adjacent to Dad's head. Once he wakes up, you have succeeded - move on to the next level.

It's a physics puzzler! Enjoy the cute graphics and tricky puzzles.

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Updated: September 12, 2014 5:06 AM

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