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Pumpkinhead's Halloween Blast

Pumpkins... yesh pumpkins. What would Halloween be like without them? Would watermelons suffice? NO! They would not. We need our pumpkins, we cherish our pumpkins, we crave our pumpkins. So, as one might expect, this Halloweeny game centers on pumpkins. You are Mr Pumpkinhead - a good fellow by any measure of the pumpkin scale. You have been given the task of juggling pumpkins sent from heaven. Tis an important mission that requires skill, balance and speed.

You start with juggling one pumpkin, and this steadily increases to more and more pumpkins with the occassional witch thrown in for good measure.

How good are you at juggling? I hope very good, because when you have 5 pumpkins in the air at the same time, you cant be losing focus, thinking about taking your pet cat out for its daily walk or something. No you must remain committed to juggling the heavenly pumpkins. The Gods of Halloween would be seriously displeased if any one of their precious pumpkins smashed into bits on the ground.

So you know what to do, get on with it!

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Updated: October 31, 2014 8:16 AM

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