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Pyro Launcher

There has been a ice storm in Frookstown. A terrible ice storm. It's frozen all ur sheep... they need to be thawed quickly before they freeze to death. Sheep popsicles are not selling right now, so u better get your frook together and heat up those cold ba baaas. Ur objective is simple - launch the rockets at the sheep and hope it is enough to shatter the ice, but not kill the sheep. Tis a novel way of getting the job done, but ur not one for the mundane.

In this cute-skill-physics-puzzler, you have to use the minimum number of rockets to thaw the sheep in each level. Fail to do this and u have to do it again. Don't forget to collect the stars along the way for extra points.

If things get too hairy, u can always cheat and look at the walkthrough.

good luck and save those sheep

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Updated: November 12, 2015 7:39 AM

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