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RedWhite Slice Level Pack

Positive and negative charges... they make the world go round. Can't have one without the other. But you're going to change things in this unique puzzler - it's your goal to cut away all the negative charges from the image surface within each level.

It's pretty simple, if you are skilled enough - just look for the largest area with negatively charged particles and chop it off! That's it. Keep on doing this until you've removed all the negatively charged particles. Watch out, you can't chop off the good positively charged particles, or areas with more than one negative particle - you need to get rid of them one at a time.

Aim to chop off as much of the background area as possible for each level... it adds to your score in the end.

Now that we made all that clear - try to beat 20 levels on easy and hard modes. R U up to the challenge? eeeeeeeeek!

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Updated: April 16, 2015 4:18 PM

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