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Rescuer of Souls

In a strange world, where souls float free, lost in space, lost in time, there comes a hero (you), someone who traverses the very fabric of reality, to help those in need, regardless of their corporeal state. In this game it is your heart felt duty to gather these lost souls and lead them onto Nirvana.

It's a new twist on the classic and previously over-done avoidance game genera.

What you do is u go about collecting the minimalist souls (floating about as white dots), while at the same time, avoiding the walls of the universe, as well as other moving, non moving or dangerous objects. It is a game of skill, timing, and patience. Within every level, once your rescue is complete, a portal opens allowing you to transport the souls to their resting place.

Be the hero you were meant to be...

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Updated: February 2, 2015 8:20 AM

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