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Rogue Legend Tame the Wild

Bad things happen. They happen to good people and they happen to bad ones. This game begins with a bad thing happening to your village. The horned red warriors have sent a raiding party, killing the peeps of your town, and burning anything they can find. This situation leaves you in a pickle of sorts, you can go down the same route as those who died at the hands of these barbarians, or you can fight to survive. You opt to survive.

This game is a bit of a hybrid of RPG-adventure games, building/farming games and survival games. All mashed up into one lovely jumble. After the initial trauma of seeing your village burnt to the ground, you have to go about living again. Plant crops, grown them, sell them and start earning a living. Look around of materials u can use and then rework them into something useful. Aim to build a house of your own and of course look for weapons, just in case you encounter another person who wants you dead.

Be aware of the needs of your character in this game. He feels hunger, thirst, fatigue and can get sick. Grow you food or hunt for it, the choice is yours and see which is more successful in the long run.

Good luck surviving...

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Updated: December 6, 2014 8:27 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Click or WASD to move. Click or Space to interact or select/deselect items. Shift+Click drops a half stack.

Take note of the in-game tutorial.

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