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Royal Squad

The story thus far:
Two weeks after the Second Great War outbreak, our squad was ordered to go to the Coyote Island. Severe storms delayed us for a week, and we were late.

Dark Lords have landed on the island, with a legion of undead. Zombies, skeletons, mages, vampires, witches, and other nightmare creatures that existed before only in fairytales.

Our task was to get to the military research laboratory in the south of the island, and to evacuate the scientists and equipment. But without waiting for us, most of the scientists, led by Hemming, havingloaded the equipment on carts, went to seek rescue in the north of the island. We sent the remaining magicians and scientists on shipboard.

Our squad was not ready for a confrontation with a legion of dead. Only a handful of soldiers, some archers, and a couple of magicians. But orders are orders and we had to follow their trail.

However, we did not leave empty handed. The senior magician, Corwinus, could teleport a small group of soldiers from the ship directly to the battlefied and back before they could be seriously injured. This allowed him to place mines and traps on the battlefied laying them right under the attackers feet.

But his primary ability was to hide a group of archers on high ground with a cloaking field. I this case, our rangers were invisible, invincible, and could easily defend the path to our wagons while we marched through the enemy hordes.

What u do:
In every level you are given an objective. Try to achieve this objective to the best of your ability and take note of any tips that are given to you on the objective screen - they are of great use!

Remember to use magic whenever you can - all spells have hotkeys (shown in game). Laying traps and sending in units where they are needed is key to successfully defeating the enemy in each level.

Good luck beating this real-time strategy-defense game!

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Updated: April 11, 2015 12:53 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Hold down mouse button to focus archers’ fire on a specific zone. 
Press 1-9 to select spell, trap or warriors, and click at the battlefield to place them.
Press Spacebar to change game speed


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