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It's a real time strategy game!

The story thus far:

Centuries ago the troops of the Black Order had invaded our lands. Three years have passed since they returned, sowing chaos and estruction. The priests and lords of the Order appeared out of the seret portals to find the allies among savage tribes collecting the creatutres of dusk under thier banners.

Moreover, they raised hordes of the undead from their graves and barrows. All these made the Northern Realsm plunge into the abyss of chaos and war. After the Undead King had been defeated, the fury of the war abated and teh people began to rebuild what had been destroyed.

However, soon we received a report from the island of Hardanger. The Black Lords were once again seen near surround barrows. This meant a portal in HArdanger was opened by the forces of the Order, allowing the creatures of ducsk to roam and conquer our lands. There were hardly any Royal troops in this region and therefore a special squad led by the Magician Corvinus has been gathered.

Corvinus was bale to teleport a small group of soldiers directly to the desinated location as well as to ensure communication over long distances. Our tasks were to land at Myrdal castle captured by the undead army, to succee in retaking it, to reconnoiter the location and to find the main place where all the troops of the Black Order were coming from.

The Black Order had brought chaos to the land and it's your responsibility to keep it in order. You need to fight them by hiring soldiers. Complete all the missions, collect stars and golds for upgrades, unlock all the achievements and finish the campaign.

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Updated: February 12, 2016 6:53 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

- To select a single unit, just click it.

- Select several units by dragging a frame over an area.

- Press ESC to cancel selection.

- Select a group of soldiers. Press SHIFT+number to assign a group. You can use numbers from 0 to 9.Press that number again to select that group.

- Double click a unit to select all similar units (e.g. warriors or mages)

- Hold A on your keyboard and then click ground. Unit will attack any enemy it meets, and then proceed to a destination.

- Select a group of soldiers. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and then click ground. Soldiers will move to the position and maintain their current formation.

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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