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Rustled Jimmies

The gorilla wants its fruit. It wants it badly. Unfortunately, there are a couple of touristy pandas visiting from China who seem to think it is funny to take the fruit away from the gorilla. In this physics game, it is up to you to aid the mischievious pandas on their quest to upset the gorillas and pulverise or otherwise their fruit.

Click things to make them move, disappear etc, with the ultimate aim of disrupting the nice fruity lunch the great apes are having. Of course, the end result of your evil work will be to upset these otherwise nice, playful, happy creatures. I hope you're satisfied with yourself! Doing such naughty naughty things is so so... NAUGHTY.

Anyway, tis a game, dont do this in the real world, unless of course you like having a gorilla rip your arms off. Yes they can do it, especially if you try to steal their fruit.

Phuzzle your way to victory!

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Updated: November 18, 2014 5:37 AM

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