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Santa Run 3

eeeeek! Santa is in trouble. He desperately needs ur help this year to save Xmas or something terrible will happen - that's right, all the kids will turn into zombies if they don't get their presents!

Ur objective is to get Santa to the toy factory before its too late... O M G, I cannot stress how important ur mission is. This platformer game is the only thing standing between a happy xmas and the complete annhilation of the human race. EEEEEEEEk!

This is terrible... so so very terrible. SAVE Xmas for frooks sake. Don't get Santa killed along the way or we're all doomed ... DOOOMED!


oh, have fun playing.

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Updated: December 15, 2015 9:38 AM

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AWD or arrows - jump and run
ESC - restart level
Q - restart game

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