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Save the Goons

The Goons have long been persecuted by the Blargh aliens from the Planet Frook. The evil Blarghians just want to blast the beep out of the Goons and send them back to where they came from... Goonsville. Lucky for the Goons, they have you on their side - you're a gi-normous metal robot with a big head.

It is up to you in this fast-paced quick game to protect the Goons from any projectiles thrown at them by the alien spaceship. Fail to protect them and u will have failed the entire Goon-race. All that is Goonian will be lost and the universe will be a lesser place for it.

Move about and use ur head to stop anything from hitting the ground. It's that easy. Or not. U will fail if u don't move fast enough.

Good luck, the Goons r counting on you!

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Updated: June 17, 2015 1:53 PM

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