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Shop Empire 3

Business is business, and during medieval times, it was no different. Somehow you have time traveled to the past, from Shop Empire 2. This changes nothing, all you live for is running shops and creating the best empire of shops the world has ever seen, past, present and certainly future.

It's all about making money - build booths, upgrade them, do other things to help your biz, make lots of money, expand some more and so on. The more booths you have, the greater your income stream, so your path is clear. Build like crazy, but do go through the in-game tutorial, it will help if you have not played the previous games in this series.

Become KING of shops during medieval times, you can do itttt! Be cautious though, u don't want to be burnt to the stake for witchcraft or anything... that wouldn't be good...

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Updated: January 16, 2015 6:52 AM

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