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Giant worms. REALLY BIG GIANT WORMS! Do u like worms for breakfast... lunch... and dinner? YES?! Good, ur going to have to get used to eating worms if u play this game. Big ones, smalls ones, medium sized ones. Blue worms, red worms, purple worms, american worms. They're all in this game that is a little like the classic snake game, but not.

Ur objective in this multiplayer action game is to eat smaller worms than u and to grow BIG. Avoid being eaten by the big worms, they will feast on ur bones if u get in their way.

It's yet annother game in the spirit of or - lots of fun, fast game play, great for a quick game fix.

If the game lags to begin, set graphics quality to low, and/or reload the page or reduce the game window - gets laggy if loading is not complete.

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Updated: April 19, 2016 6:02 AM

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