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Sneaky Ranch Day 5

I do not know how you could have achieved anything without the invaluable help you receieved from Grandpa Sneaky. Without him, day 4 would have been a bust. Shame on you - you really need to be more capable than this... 5 days already and u still haven't fixed up the farm from what might otherwise have been a very minor hurricane. Anyway, the ranch is looking better with all the help you received and Grandma is almost ready to come hom. I hope you can get it together in time or so help me!

Remember what you need to do in this point and click adventure game? Yep, go around collecting things and then fixing things. Easy peasy japanesy.

Have a good day today and try not to make ur grandpa do all the work. When your done, have a good sleep and prepare for Sneaky Ranch Day 6

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Updated: April 22, 2015 7:00 AM

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