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Space is Key Xmas

We've already seen Space is Key Hell, now it's time to see what 'space' is like during Xmas. This is one of those fantastical games that somehow grab your attention and then manage to help you get rid of all that pesky hair on your head... you know, the hair you don't need and seems to be ripped out when a game like this exposes you to extreme stress.

This skill game is amazing in that it lulls you into some kind of belief that you can actually complete it without dying 1.2 bazzilion times. Games like this should come with a health warning - like the ones on cigarette packs, except it should probably have huge flashing lights as well.

OK, now that you know how challenging this game is, I'll tell you what you actually do. You are a box. You a jumpy box. You jump over other boxes and things. You need to jump with skill and exceptional timing. You do all this with the press of one key on your keyboard... the space bar.

If you have the reflexes of a cat, you should have no difficulty in completing this game. If, on the other hand, you are merely a human being, then you may encounter the aforementioned hair loss issue, as you start ripping out all your hair... or worse still, throwing your computer out the nearest window.

Xmas is said to be a mellow time... but this game actually shows the true face of this time of year. It's stressful, non-relaxing, and you'll be glad when it's over.

Good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Updated: December 25, 2014 12:10 PM

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