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Inspired by classic western isometric RPGs, this game is meant to be played over an evening. Though short (2-3 hours) it can be different experience based on your character build. And in the end you get also to see how your actions impacted the world - game has multiple endings.

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It's an HTML5 game!


Updated: April 21, 2018 4:27 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)


Left-click on floor tile to move there. Mind status indicator on top, it'll display whether you are seen by others or hidden from them. Left-click on object to interact with it (e.g. talk with friendly person, open locker). Right-click on tile to open extended menu with more options, including skill-based ones (lockpick, pick-pocket etc.)

Pay attention to your info screen on bottom left, it'll describe what's happening around you or give feedback to your actions (e.g., door is locked). Use EXAMINE option from extended menu to learn more about your surroundings, especially if the graphics are unclear.

Tip: you can heal small amounts of HP by drinking water

Different ways to play the game

All quests in the game have multiple solutions. If you cannot do it one way, poke around, maybe there is another way, better suited for your character build. Below are some typical approaches

  1. Diplomacy. With high enough Speech skill you can solve problems just by talking with right person. FYI game has at least 1 skill check for every point of speech (1-25).
  2. Stealth. Sometimes easiest way to solve problems is by getting where you should not be - sneaking past someone and/or picking the door lock. Or if you know somebody has something you need, you might just pick-pocket (Sneak skill) him/her. You'll need to invest in Sneak and Lock pick skills.
  3. Scitec. Knowledge and experience with science and technology can give you edge in some dialogs. Usually though high Scitec skill will allow you to use electronic or mechanic systems (e.g., fix something) or access local network (so called /shipnet) to gain information or hack something/somebody. And, with access to how-to tutorials online, you can fix and upgrade some items
  4. Brute. Not so common but still present is physical intervention. Sometimes throat punch in the right moment can prevent bloody escalation later. Based on Melee skill, this will open some options in dialogs
  5. Combat. You can always start combat with anyone. However, note that such act of agression will cut off many peaceful solutions. And, of course,  you may not be the victor. If you get unwillingly pulled into combat situation, running away, hiding or sneaking around are perfectly fine solutions

Character generation

When you start a game, you have to create the character. Charsheet section will pop out automatically once you finish introduction. Distribute available stat and skill points considering minimum value is 0 (Clueless) and maximum is 25 points (Master). Different stats affect base value of different skills. Stats also influence your parameters - health, action points, carry - and those can not be raised directly.

Dice rolls

Dice rolls are based on 6-sided dice (d6) which 5 faces can have value from 0 to 5 and 1 always is empty (0) that corresponds to critical fail. Each of your general stats (Strength, Agility etc.) or skills (Speech, Melee etc.) is represented by such dice and, of course, the more points each faces have, the better

In case of skill check, the dice is rolled and outcome is determined by comparing value of upward face to one of constant threshold or other dice roll. Other cases, game can have constant skill level check and it compares sum of skill's dice points (0-25) to the one of threshold.

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