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The SpaceBox is here. It comes from an unknown dimension, from a place far far away. It's purpose is unknown. It's thoughts, incomprehensible. It is alien in every sense of the word. Yet, it is here. It moves left and right. LEFT AND RIGHT! And it is up to you to help it adapt to our universe, our dimension, our existence.

Yes, folks, it's a skill game. Ur objective is to help the red box stay alive in our reality. Do this by moving it back and forth along the wall of life. Make sure the box does not touch anything, or it will be be obliterated and lost forever... well at least until u reset the game.

Oh, u can colide with coins - that will give u more points. BUT THAT'S ALL. Collide with anything else and ur doomed.

How many objects can u avoid in this game? The more the better, right? Post ur awesome score in the comments below the game.

Have fun.

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It's an HTML5 game!

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Updated: July 2, 2016 7:47 AM

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