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Squarelabs Escape

The zombies have decided to move into the Squarelabs Research Facility. It's such a lovely sciencie place, they didn't think twice about it after seeing it in the zombie realestate brochure. "Ample parking space, roomy square rooms, lots of juicy scientists to eat". With so much going for it, no self-respecting zombie would miss a chance like this. Think of the brains... the brains are huge in this place. Unfortunately for you, you're one of the few remaining squarelab employees left with your brain intact... in your skull... doing what a brain should be doing.

It is your objective in this minimalist zombie game to escape from your facility and the zombie infestation and get out to freedom. Not that there is much freedom out in the wider world... zombies are everywhere. But hey, better be eaten outside than inside right?

Move about the faclity avoiding the zombies, jumping over the zombies and avoiding spikey things that will spikey you to death.

Can you get out alive... or will you end up dying numerous times? This game will test your patience and your tongue and probably your violent temper too. Good luck getting out of the new zombie home... you will need it.

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Updated: October 11, 2014 5:49 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Basic movement: Arrow Keys/WASD
Map: M
Look around: H + arrow keys

When collected:
Place platform: S/K
Remove all platforms: W/I
Shoot: Spacebar
Dash forward: A/L
Dash upwards: D/J


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