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Stachmou and the Golden Compass

Years ago, a pirate named Jack Treepwood found a golden compass. This compass had the power to find the hiding place of any legendary treasure. Thanks to the compass, Jack became known as "Lucky Jack", the richest pirate in the world. Unfortunately for him, though, he was lost without a trace during one of his expedtions on the mysterious Frookland island (otherwise known as Taoki Island).

After reading about Lucky Jack and the magical compass, you decide to take it upon yourself to go to Taoki Island and find the compass! You're driven by greed and an adventurous spirit only known and understood by other pirates.

In this point and click adventure, you have to explore the areas you find yourself in, collect items of use, and continue on your journey with the ultimate goal of finding the golden compass. Items that may seem useless may come in handy at some point during the trip, so consider anything and everything you see as potentially essential later on. If you are struggling with the game, you can always cheat and look at the walkthrough to the right -->

Treasure hunting is in your blood. You were born to do this, so live out your birthright and find the compass before someone else does!

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Updated: December 4, 2014 8:35 AM

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Mouse point and click.


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