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Starry Knight

You're a round knight of the square table... right. It's your solemn duty to get all the stars in the sky to your beloved, and to show her your eternal love. That just about covers it. In this game your goal is achieved by sling-shotting yourself through the sky... physics-puzzler style.

Try to collect all the stars in each level and then present them to the chick of your dreams. Being round and knightly as u r is an advantage, as you fly through the sky and roll your way to this overly needy chick.

Make sure you use the wooden planks or other objects to your benefit. They will be necessary to achieve whatever angles u require to collect all the stars!

Over 30 levels of star gathering to get through. And if it gets all too much for you, there is a walkthrough to the right.

Good luck securing this chicks love!

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Updated: December 30, 2014 10:14 AM

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