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Super OpenWorld Retro RPG

Welcome to the RPG. It is retro, and features open-world gameplay. Incredibly, this work of art was made in only 48 hours, so you had better appreciate it!

This game touches on many important social issues, so be sure to read the dialogue shown in the text boxes.

OK, be prepared for a unapologetic blood fest. This game is not politically correct in any way, shape or form. The background music is unique and will probably result in the interuption of brainwave activity within your brain. You have been warned.

Putting aside all the blood, I am sure you will learn some important life lessons from this game. Good luck.

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Updated: February 26, 2015 9:48 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

See in-game.

*** This is game is not suitable for young gamers ***

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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