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Super Sports Surgery: Basketball

You always wanted to be a doctor... didn't u? DIDN'T U??? Spill the beans, I know u want to be a doctor, so fess it up naowoo. Right. You've no doubt already played the Amateur Surgery by Adult Swim, and loved it... RIGHT? Well, be prepared for some more good lovin'. This surgery game will blow ur mind... quite literally, I suggest u rap ur skull with a wet towel, so all the blown bits do not fly everywhere and make a mess of ur room. Thankyou.

In this skill game, which requires a very steady hand, you're the hot dog stand guy with big dreams of becoming a top surgeon. U r tasked with performing all sorts of operations with your amateur tools! You win the game by doing this as fast and accurately as possible!

Ready to doctor urself to a victory? Get going, u have patients to see to!

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Play Super Sports Surgery: Basketball

Updated: October 23, 2015 5:27 AM

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