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The Green Kingdom

The king of The Green Kingdom had a thing for peace. Enjoying it, loving it, practicing it. But that all changed one fateful day when the Gray King said something nasty about the Green Kings daughter. That was the day to end the peace that encompassed the land. That was the day when all hell broke loose and the Green King decided to punish all the kings around him. No one... and I mean no one was to call his daughter a fat porky porker.

In this strategy game, you take command of the Green King's kingdom and forces and set out to eliminate all the foul mouthed kings that surround you. Construct buildings that are necessary for making money, others that protect your castle and of course build soldiers barracks and then send out your forces to wipe out the opposing king.

That is all.

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Updated: May 28, 2015 7:26 AM

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Build defensive structures, collect coins and attack the enemy. Once u have a barracks, DRAW a path using your MOUSE for your troops to attack the enemy.

Go through the in-game tutorial!

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