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The Power of Love

Love makes us do some pretty odd things in life. It can drive us to the point of insanity. In this unique game it is ur objective to get the hot princess out of the castle and to run away with her... and then to live happily ever after... and so on. However, it is not as simple as knocking on the door and asking for her hand in marriage. The king does not like you... he thinks you smell. He wants his princess to marry someone not so smelly. You don't think you smell that badly... granted that u do have the odour of a compost heap, but that is quite pleasant... or so the princess thinks.

Back to the game - it's an upgrade game - where ur primary task is to smash down the walls of a castle. U begin the game by banging ur guitar against the castle walls and collecting the gold that falls out. Use that gold to upgrade yourself and your equipment so that you may break down the wall faster and also move faster.

Bbe warned, without upgrades, ur movement speed is very slow to begin!

Every time you have collected enough gold for an upgrade, a speech bubble appears on the left hand side of the playing screen. It is at this point u can run back to the shop and buy things for yourself.

Upgrade yourself enough to get through the castle wall and to take ur beloved away with you. Good luck!

The Power of Love

Updated: April 29, 2015 6:47 AM

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