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Word Play 2 - Five Differences

This is another artistically unique game by CalcaMunguĂ­as. Your objective is to find the 5 differences between the two awesome word play images. There are over 15 levels for you to test your eyesight on and to see if u can see what there is to see between the two slightly differing images.

A secret 16th level can be opened if you win game with no mistakes - make one mistake and the secret remains a secret for all of eternity and even longer. So don't blow ur one and only chance in this lifetime to see the secret level.

We're all counting on ur spotting skills. Do not let us down!

Play Word Play 2 5 Differences

Updated: July 5, 2015 7:28 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Click the differences between the two images.


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