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Become an author. Write books, upgrade skills and buy items.

Write books from a variety of genres including satire, poems, thriller, and graphic novels.

Will u be the next Stephen King? Or more like the next Mr Unknown? How well can u write books and make a buck? this simulation RPG game will take you through the hurdles faced in the writing world. Will u sink or swim? glug glug glug.

Hints on genres and what skills improve them:

Article - Wit | Research | Style | Vocabulary
Comedy - Humour x4 | Wit | Style | Vocabulary
Drama - Charisma x4 | Wit | Style | Vocabulary
Essays - Intelligence | Style | Vocabulary | Research x2
Fiction - Intelligence | Style | Vocabulary | Research x2
Graphic Novel - Charisma | Humour | Wit x2 | Style x2
Non-Fiction - Research | Intelligence | Style | Vocabulary
Poems - Vocabulary | Style x3 | Wit
Satire - Wit x3 | Intelligence | Charisma | Style
Short Stories - Wit | Style x2 | Vocabulary x2
Thriller - Charisma x2 | Style | Wit x2 | Vocabulary
Tragedy - Wit | Charisma | Style | Vocabulary

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Play Writer Man 5

It's an HTML5 game!

Updated: April 29, 2017 7:14 AM

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