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"Xenopunch is one of the most reknowned underground arena in the galaxy. It's not easy for a little human like you to compete against its most famous fighter during epic boss fights, Are you ready for the challenge ? Well, Probably not..."

Yep, it's an arena combat game. Beat the frook out of any alien that happens to get in ur way. Beat them to dead!

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It's an HTML5 game!

Updated: January 6, 2017 6:21 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Q : Quick dash
W : Punch
E (unlockable) : Lazer
R (unlockable) : MULTIPLE IMPACT
Arrows : movement
You can also double jump, climb energetic walls and fall through platforms
Jump on ennemies head to deal more damages !

This great game by:

Pietro Ferrantelli - Game Design, Programmation & VFX

Florent Juchniewicz - Game Design, Sound Design & MusicĀ

Joe Rogers - Charater Design, Environment Art & Animations

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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