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Zombie Tactics

The zombies have taken over the city... again... and its up to you and your group of buddies to stop them. It's a tactical turn based strategy game. Move around the hexagon combat area and avoid getting killed by the zombies and at the same time, kill them. Yep, that's what the world has come to. Kill or be killed.

Utilise the skills of the peeps under your control - check out what weapons they have and their range. Tis important as someone carrying an axe cannot kill a zombie a few squares away, and at the same time, someone who has a med pack is best kept in the background, unless you like healing the zombies.

There you have it. This strategy game will keep you entertained for a while... well as long as it takes for the zombies to eat your brains. Good luck!

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Updated: November 7, 2014 6:13 AM

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