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Zuzu the Elf

For centuries, Elves have co-existed with all manner of magical beings in the lands of Frook... in perfect harmony. This was thanks to an intricate spell cast by the ancient High Elves of the North, creating a series of trans-dimensional barriers, effectively seperating good from evil, order from chaos, light from dark. The power to open the barriers was loced inside the legendary Box of Banishment. Knowledge of the location of this chest was thought to have died along with the ancients who hit it.

Recently, strange portals have appeared throughout the land, allowing powerful entities to travel through the barriers and invade the peaceful lands. The Elven world has been thrown into imbalance and destruction is already spreading in the borderlands.

It has been discovered that the Box of Banishement has been found and opened, by none other than Amitripil - the King of the Dark Evles, who has manipulated the portals to prevent those of pure heart from crossing.

The only way to restore the world to balance is to find the legendary chest and close it, never to be opened again. Unfortunately, as beings of light, its impossible for Elves to safely cross the portals. Many have tried, and just as many failed. Only one exists among the elves who can cross the portals, The Chosen One (that's where u step in and take over).

It's your task in this game to run like heck, trying to get away from the evil monsters who wantz to eatz you. Impress ur friends and yourself by doing fancy acrobatic moves to avoid obstacles and move one step closer to closing the Box of Banishment. Once closed, the good folk of your world can live in peace again.

Dont forget to collect the gems, they help u unlock new portals.

Good luck, an entire world depends on you!

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Updated: December 2, 2014 6:11 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Space bar to jump

Arrow keys when you have to do quick acrobatic moves that are displayed.

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