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A very realistic game of cricket. Read below for game info.

In this game you represent the Australian 'Stick' One-Day cricket team taking on the best the world has to offer. You have to beat each team in order to advance to the next opponent. After conquering the world you can challenge your mate to a head-to-head clash or play the 'slog-fest' for bonus codes.

The game was designed to appeal to everyone. It can be highly competitive in two player mode and provides plenty of stats for the cricket tragics. It also provides a good laugh (and some frustration) for the rest of us.

Single player - "you vs everyone else"
You are the Australian, right-handed, world beating, One Day 'Stick' Cricket Team. Chase your opponents score in limited overs games. Opponents are all International One Day Teams. Win to receive a password that will allow you to progress to the next, and tougher, opponent. Watch out for the swing and spin bowling as your opponents get better.

Two player "shared keyboard" game
Challenge a friend to a 10 over match. This time you can bowl them out yourself.

Updated: January 1, 2022 4:23 PM

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