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The objective of the game is to remove groups of colored ooze before it reaches the top. You can remove the ooze by clicking groups which contains 3 or more blobs of the same color. If you play mean mode and remove more than 5 oozes at the same time a black colored ooze will slowly rise in the time meter to the right. You can send it to an opponent by clicking their gameboard or by clicking F1 - F4 or F5 to send it to the player with the highest score. If you fail to send it or if an opponent sends a black ooze to you it will appear above your gameboard and when a new row of ooze is added the black ooze will drop down on your board. Black ooze can only be removed if you remove ooze of some other color next to it. New rows of ooze that will be added can be seen at the bottom of the board and when a row is filled it will be added. If you wish to add a row faster just click the bottom row and it will be filled up instantly.

At any time chat messages may be written by typing on the keyboard, the chat messages are sent to the other players by pressing the return key.

Every Ooze game is 5, 10 or 15 minutes (only the private games can be 5 and 15 minutes). The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. If you are a registered member the highest score you have received will be stored after a game is over (only 5 and 10 minutes games). Depending on several factors you will also receive (or lose) ranking points after a game. Beware, if you log out of a game already running you will lose the same amount of ranking points as losing the game. However if you enter a game that is nearly finished and don't wish to lose ranking you have a short time to get out of the room without losing ranking.

Game Settings

There is a tab called settings in the lobby that allows you to turn the in-game music on/off as well as the sound effects. You can also chose to turn off the animations in the game (might improve speed on slower computers).

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Mouse point and click.

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