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A top-down pool game with a very ... hmmm very ... hmmmm very tough computer opponent. You have to be good to win this one.


Two players get 15 balls numbered 1 to 15 and divided into two groups. There are solids (numbers 1 to 7) and stripes (numbers 9 to 15) plush the black 8 ball. As the game starts, the first player takes the breakijng shot on the racked balls.

The object of the breaking shot is to choose a group of balls (solids or stripes). If the breaking shot 'pots' a solid ball, the player is assigned the group of solids and vice versa. The ultimate golad of 8-ball pool is for each player to pot all balls from the assigned group of balls, and the pot the 8 ball.

If the player does not pot any of the assigned balls in a shot, the turn passes to the opponent. If a player pots the 8 ball before all the assigned balls or pots the 8 ball and simultaneously commits a foul, the player loses the innings.

If the player does not hit a ball with the cue ball, it's a foul. If a player hits the 8 ball first or one of the opponent's balls, it's a foul. For every committed foul, the opponent gets a free shot. If, during a free shot, a player pots no balls, he gets anothe shot. A foul during a free shot counts as a regular foul, and the turn passes to the opponent.

If a player pots the cue ball, the opponent gets ball in hand, which means that it can be placed at any spot behind the white line.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Mouse point and click to aim cue. Once you aim, you can adjust your power setting by moving the slide power bar. Once you set your power, click on STRIKE to shoot.

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