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You are a military commander. Your forces were out on a routine patrol, and suddenly, the undead were everywhere!

Your forces were badly depleted in the conflict, but you must continue to do your job and keep the undead population under control until a solution can be found!


In MISSION mode, you must complete a sequence of missions. These have different tasks, such as finding medical supplies, rescuing civilians, or simply taking out some of the undead horde!

When the mission is complete, find the extraction zone and hold tight until the chopper shows up!

Any squad members that die in a mission will not be available for the next one, so keep as many men alive as possible!

In SURVIVAL mode, you just gotta kill as many of the undead as you can before they eviscerate your crew!

Unit Types

You have two unit types at your disposal: assault troops and snipers.

Assault troops:
+ fast movement, high rate of fire
- weak rounds, short range

+ powerful rounds, long range
- slow, low rate of fire

You may also encounter non-playable human characters in the game.


When night falls, your squad are slower, and visibility is poor.

All is not lost, however. We have a helicopter light that will automatically follow your cursor - be aware though, that this beam cannot be moved very quickly.


To drive vehicles, put a soldier in it and it is then controlled using the arrow keys. To get a soldier back out of the car, just click on it.

You must get a soldier out of the vehincle before he can be extracted!

If you drive the car into water, the driver will drown!

The car's wheels do not automatically re-align, so if you come to a stop, your wheels are still 'turned'.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Lot's to this game, you are advised to go through the in-game instructions before playing!

Controlling Units

To select a single soldier, click on him.

To select a group of soldiers, click and drag a box around the men you want to move.

Selected soldiers are highlighted in yellow.

When you have selected soldier(s), click where you want them to move. If you want them to attack, click on an enemy.


Master players can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up their commands.

1 - squad 1
2 - squad 2
'a' - all soldiers
'd' deselect
'shift' key - hold down for fast scrolling.


Enemies die in water, but you do not get a confirmed kill for this.

Soldiers will die of the cold if left in the water for too long.

Rough ground slows down zombies, allowing them to be easily picked off.

Kepp your squad tight as night falls, a lone soldier is very vulnerable in the dark! It's easy to lose track of where your soldiers are if you're not careful!

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