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Your goal is to get around floating circles and stab the enemy in the back.

A head-on attack with the enemy will not work unless the fighter your attacking is making a transition from another circle or still in the air from a head-on attck with another fighter.Even then it's not a safe bet, as it puts you in greater chance of dying from them!

Any attempt at a normal head-on collision will result in both fighters being pushed away from each other, and no injury to either one of them.There are other ways to kill besides backstabbing. If you have any of them in your inventory, you can drop a mine where your standing by pressing the 'down' key. After a brief internal activation, the tops will light up green, indicating it's ready. These mines are friendly, and can be replenished by collecting a mine pickup icon, scattered in the levels.

There are a variety of traps scattered through-out the levels. They include: 3-hole spikes, which become harmless once activated once. Leg-clamps, which hold the fighter in place temporarily.It also renders the fighter vulnerable to attacks from the front as well as from behind. Buzz saws, which patrol a circle completely in one direction, killing all who touch it.

There are a variety of circle types that you will encounter in the battlefields. They come in many sizes, ranging from very small to really large. Your fighter's speed will be effected by the size of these circles. The smaller the circle, the faster the fighter moves, at the expense of precision stopping ( which makes correctly aligning for a transition between circles a little difficult sometimes, so it's best to avoid really small circles if possible ).

At the end of each level, you will be given the option to trade points earned in the battlefield for upgrades in your abilities. As the challenges go on, more and more difficult enemies will present themselves. You need to be ready to combat them! Gain faster speed, more power, upgraded adrenaline, along with new attacks and weapons that give you an extreme edge over the enemy!

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Arrow keys. When on a circle, you can move clockwise around it by pressing the 'right' key. You can turn and go counter-clockwise by pressing the 'left' key. Only when 2 circles are close enough, and your fighter is positioned at the right angle, can you jump from one circle to the next.

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