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Challenge yourself by dodging bricks, bombs and scythes thrown at you while making material fall where you want it, stacking it into steps that you can use to climb out of the hole and escape! The 3 different brick types each act differently when they land, adding additional strategy to where you get the enemy to throw them. Each level is also distinct and adds new levels of challenge, with different enemies, walls that move and threaten to squish you and floating rooted bricks of dirt that try to keep you from getting out in levels 2 and 3.

A Tetris-inspired action/puzzle game of avoiding and stacking falling bricks of dirt, rock and sand to climb your way to safety. 6 unique bosses who try to squish, drown, burn or slice you with different level traps and weapons while piling dirt on top of you. Prepare for a challenging game of escaping your early grave!

Try to reach to the top and escape with your life through all 6 levels. Left and right arrow keys to move and climb up short blocks of material. Get the blocks to form steps while avoiding getting squished as they fall. Each material type acts differently when it lands. For some levels, stop rising liquid by landing blocks on to the liquid spring. The quicker you escape the higher your score. Unlock levels 5 & 6 by beating any 2 and 4 levels respectively.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Arrow keys.

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