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Defuse is about an ordinary person who runs across an advertisment for FREE FOOD. After answering the solicitation, he finds himself in the somewhat malevolent environment of an ambigious research centre. Now he must use his wits to solve challenging puzzles, escape death and possibly complain to the ethics commitee that approved this project. Remember, assuming you complete this test, there will be drinks and light refreshments. good luck.

Game mechanics:
Defuse is a puzzle game that tests your ability to use logic and reasoning. Solving the puzzles is a two front battle as you must infer the nature of each puzzle and then find the solution (see the directions). In every puzzle, the objective is to light the disarm light without lighting the explode light. All the puzzles consist of buttons and lights related by some pattern.

Defuse does not come with specific directions per se. It is up to you to figure out what to do to pass each level. However, consistant conventions are employed which allow you to infer what your supposed to do on each level.

Red things are bad (will probably kill you)
Green things are good (will lead to disarming)
Buttons are circles (can be clicked)
lights are square (cannot be clicked)
the lines tell you which buttons lead to which lights (or which lights lead to other lights)

ANYTHING on a thin line is required
EVERYTHING on a thick line is required
things on medium lines have some relation specific to the level
blue numbers indicate some value associated with that object
usually numbers are added in some way.

when nothing leads to the disarm light, try to light all the green things

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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