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The world is in crisis.  Global warming is threatening the very existence of all life on Earth.

Humanity alone can no longer take sufficient steps to counter the impending doom.

You are an archeologist - you discover a fragment of information in an ancient text that speaks of the Guardians (ancient beings that can help humanity).

With this information you continue your search on Easter Island.

Your tasks are:

To find the ancient stone tablet that contains information about the Founders and how to awaken the Guardians.

The tablet is in pieces at a couple of locations on the island.

Once the pieces have been found you combine them.

Your next task is to translate the tablet - you need to find another ancient piece of technology buried deep in the island.

Once the tablet is translated you must activate the stone tablet device to awaken the Guardians.

This needs to be done before the earth dies.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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