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We're beta testing this game. If you spot any bugs or have any comments please tell us about it here.

Splattering pumpkins is fun. Your objective is to eliminate all the pumpkins in the level before your time runs out. You can kill them by placing banana peels on the ground so that they slip to their death. Watch out, you also can slip on the peels.

As you progress and kill more pumpkins, you get experience points. This experience can be used to improve your skills.

You can view or upgrade skills at any time by clicking on the Skills button in the game!

Normal skills:

SpeedyDeedy: To increase your speed - costs 1 skill point.

NanaXtra: Players can on place 2 banana peels at a time to begin; this skill will allow you to release more banana peels. Cost - 1 skill point.

Booster Pooster: This upgrade will allow you to smash through weaker walls when you slip on a banana peel. Cost - 2 skill points.

Active skills:

Stopper blocker:  When enemy is chasing you, you can place a block on your current position.  If the enemy hits it, they will die.  Cost - 1 skill point.

Wallaperator: Wall is placed in front of you to block enemy from hitting you.  Cost - 1 skill point.

Teleporter: Moves you up to 3 units away from your current postion. Cost - 1 skill point.!

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Arrow keys to move around. Space bar to place peels on the ground. A S D to use skills.

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