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There once was a desert, so empty, no animals no plants. One seed tell its tale. Find six twisted endings on this Interactive Art!

There are SIX endings.

There are 9 areas in the game which you can interact with, you just need to plant / water / put things on those areas. When you make right combination of placing things, it will open a new option. You don't have to wait for anything, not even the animation itself.

For example:
1st steps: Pick the water and water the main plant until it grow large (and smiling).
2nd steps: Pick the seed, from 9 areas, there are 6 areas that you can click to grow seeds.
3rd steps: Pick the animal, from 9 areas, there are 6 areas that you can click to throw sheeps / birds.
4th steps: Pick the human to build houses. And so on.


1. Cycle
Straight through ending, just keep using new items when they get unlocked.
Everything goes in plain cycle and the world goes back to barren sand.

2. Jurassic
After putting animals to the world, put seeds everywhere to change the world into a great jungle.

3. Sheepled
After the world turned into cityscape, put sheep on factory to make it become sheep factory.
Drop the nuclear bomb that will make ending of dying world with mutated animals.

4. Ecological
Don't build a factory, instead, plant a seed there.
Afterward, re-tech every buildings.

5. Invasion
After building factory, wait until afternoon when UFO passing around, click that UFO.

6. Monstrous
After main tree choped and become a house, put seed on it.
Put technology on the building where the new seed grow before turning the whole world into cityscape.
Water the seed until it grow large.
Put seeds on the cityscape.


Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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