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Enter a twisted fairy tale world in this epic RPG!

Young Alan is mysteriously transported to the magic world of DreamLand, where the characters from the most famous fairy tales live in terror, subdued by a frightful tyrant.

Unfairy Tales features 3 game modes:
  • World Map mode: you can move Alan and his companions in different locations around Dreamland

  • Explore mode: once you reach an explorable location in World Map, the game mode will switch automatically to Explore mode. You will be able to explore the locations, interact with the inhabitants, look around for hidden objects or buy and sell items.

  • Battle mode: every time you meet an enemy on your way, the game mode will automatically switch to Battle mode. Here you will be able to fight using the characters actually in your party.

To move Alan in World Map and Explore mode, keep pressed the left button of your mouse and move the pointer on the screen: Alan will follow it and will stop as soon as you release the button.

Alan will automatically pass from one location to the another as soon as he reaches a passage point.

During movements in Explore mode you can interact with some objects and characters. When Alan is near an interactive element, a colored symbol will appear on this object.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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