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Help Snalee the Snail to get to the top of the roof and meet his beloved Sneela in this point and click puzzle game!

The Goal of the game is to help Snalee the Snail to get to the top of the roof and meet his beloved Sneela. To do this you need to go through from the bottom floor to the roof and use the help of the the magic spheres to collect the needed items to help The Snail to get back to the roof.

You're free to roam the scenes up and down. use the arrow keys or the mouse to click on the arrow sign, and don't forget to always click the snail to check what you need to do next, if you;re done with some clues and put some items on the right place, you can click again on the snail to move him further to the top.

Remember to keep your eyes open on the exciting background that hiding many objects you need to progress.

Check the snail's clues from clicking him to be able to find some items and also COMBINE some of them to help you progress further the storyline. You can always check with tab button, or use the bottom tutorial help on the very bottom of the screen.

Remember the game is using the inventory screen that can be popped up from the bottom screen by clicking the arrow on the bottom screen.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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