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It's building time! Build awesome houses for cool customers. Build 'em fast, build them to plan and don't make a mistake!

Starts off very easy, but gets hard fast. PREPARE YOURSELF, YOU WILL PROBABLY FAIL A FEW TIMES before getting it right.


Skip cheaper houses and focus on building houses that will give you more money!

Keep an eye on building supplies - make sure you buy new ones from the shop before you run out.

Do not overspend in the supply shop - you will need that money to reach the daily goal amount!

You will need bigger and better houses to build to make your daily earnings total - but be warned, do not get anything too big too soon, or you will run into trouble.

Do not overspend in the upgrade shop - don't try to get everything too early, you will fail!

Be careful about the items you select and try not to make too many mistakes during the building process.

Pay the building inspector his bribe fast, the penalty for not doing so is large.

Updated: July 4, 2014 9:53 AM

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, addictive fun!

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