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Deadswitch 2

1. Introduction

Command your crack military team and lead them into combat!

Deadswitch II is an action-packed shooter with 6 new strategic game modes that builds upon the previous game. A bunch of new weapons and attachments have been introduced.

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Section 2: Game Mechanics

2.1 Basic Mechanics

Use the designed controls and the mouse to control your player, weapon and access in-game menus.

2.2 Health

Your health is displayed at the top of the HUD (green bar) and directly above your player (green bar). When health is depleted, you will be killed. Depending on the game mode, this may end the current game. Health regenerates after 2 seconds without taking any damage. The speed of restoration can be increased through the Recovery perk.

2.3 XP & Rank

Your XP ("experience") is a measure of your current ranking progress. It is displayed at the top of the HUD (white bar) in-game and throughout the menus. Once you max your XP for your current rank, your rank will increase and recieve several awards; such as newly unlocked weapons, attachments and/or perks. XP is gained through eliminating enemies and completing game mode tasks (such as returning the flag in Capture the Flag or completing a wave in Defender). Additionally, gaining kill combos (double-kills, triple-kills, etc.) in rapid succession will gain you XP.

2.4 Weapon Class System

Deadswitch II features a weapon class system which allows a customized loadout of weapons, attachments and perks to be saved in a weapon "class". You can have up to 3 custom classes alongside 3 default classes which cannot be edited in any way. As your rank increases, you will begin to unlock newer and more powerful weapons, more effective and specialized attachments, and a variety of player and weapon perks. You can access the Class Editor through the main menu and in-game by pressing C (default) in most game modes.

2.5 Reinforcements

You can access the Reinforcements menu in-game by pressing X (default). You can purchase a wide variety of assistance ranging from airdrop crates, allied soliders and advanced air support. Items from the Reinforcements menu are purchased via Credits.

2.6 Money & Credits

There are two primary types of currency in Deadswitch II; Money and Credits. Money is attached to your profile and will be saved. It is used for purchasing new weapons, attachments and perks fom the Weapon Class System. It can also be gambled through the Bet feature. Credits are exclusive to a current game only. Credits will be set to 0 at the beginning of a new game. Both are earned through eliminating enemies and completing objectives.

Section 3: Game Modes

Deadswitch II includes customizable 6 game modes, each with its own main objectives.

3.1 Team Deathmatch

[Reinforcements: No | Weapon Class Access: At Spawn]

The Team Deathmatch mode offers a classic TDM experience. Eliminate the enemy players to reach the score limit. The first team to complete that will win.

3.2 Defender

[Reinforcements: Yes | Weapon Class Access: Yes]

In the Defender game mode, you must protect the objective from a predetermined number of enemies. You have 3 lives. If the objective is destroyed or you use up all 3 lives, you will fail. If the objective is successfully defended against the enemy waves, you will win.

3.3 Capture the Flag

[Reinforcements: No | Weapon Class Access: At Spawn]

The Capture the Flag mode offers a classic CTF experience. Capture the enemy flag by returning it to your own. Your flag must be secured in order to capture the enemy flag.

3.4 Undead Survival

[Reinforcements: Yes | Weapon Class Access: Yes]

Survive as long as possible against the limitless waves of undead. You can submit your score at the end of the game (if applicable).

3.5 Basic Survival

[Reinforcements: Yes | Weapon Class Access: Yes]

Survive as long as possible against the limitless waves of terrorists. You can submit your score at the end of the game (if applicable).

3.6 Chaos Survival

[Reinforcements: Yes | Weapon Class Access: Yes]

Survive as long as possible against the limitless waves of fast-approaching enemies. You can submit your score at the end of the game (if applicable).

3.7 Combat Training (Tutorial)

An optional tutorial mode can also be selected. It is recommended to new players as it goes over basic game concepts.

Section 4: Vehicles

There are 2 types of controllable vehicles in Deadswitch II.

4.1 AH-64 Apache Assault Helicopter

The Apache helicopter can either be piloted by the player or set to auto-pilot. Press E (default) to toggle between the two. You will only recieve bonuses from kills if you are the pilot.

4.2 M1 ABRAMS Combat Tank

The M1 ABRAMS tank can be airdropped for player use. Press E (default) to get in/out of the vehicle. Pressing Space (default) will switch the direction.


Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

P - Pause game
A - Move left
D - Move right
Space - Jump
Control - Crouch
E - Interact (dropped weapons, crates, control vehicles)
Q or 1, 2, 3 - Switch weapon
R - Reload weapon
F - Use weapon attachment
G - Drop weapon
Z - Give orders to teammates
X - Open reinforcements menu
C - Open weapon classes menu

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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