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Hands of War

Join forces with the Champions of Tempor to restore the power of the Heartstone and unite the broken land.

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Hands of War 3 Strategy Guide

I. Game Basics - An Introduction.
II. Factions - Who's Fighting Whom?
III. Faction Emblems and Merchants - What Are These Things?
IV. Character Stats and Attributes - What Increases What?
V. Champions and Managing Your Party - Who Does What?
VI. Keybinds / Hotkeys - It Saves Time
VII. Area 1 Guide - Tempor's Capital
VIII. Area 2 Guide - Jungle
IX. Area 3 Guide - The Gold Coast
X. Area 4 Guide - Mountains of Tempor
XI. Area 5 Guide - Varz

I. Game Basics - An Introduction.

Hands of War 3 takes place directly after the events in Hands of War Tower Defense. The invaders have been pushed back, but the Heartstone is still powerless. Questions remain regarding the origin of the attackers as well as the sudden absence of power from the Heartstone.

This game focuses on the idea of a united Tempor. This means instead of embarking on a solo journey, you’ll be joined by fellow champions of the factions with which you choose to ally. Once you reach a certain reputation level with a faction, one of their champions will permanently join your party. You’ll be able to manage their equipment, which abilities they use, and what role they play in your party.

To complete the game, you must choose sides in an ongoing, multi-faction civil war and discover the secrets that drained the power from the Heartstone.

II. Factions - Who's Fighting Whom?

There are eight factions in Hands of War 3, and three separate civil wars that exist between the three faction types. As you proceed through the game, you will choose one faction from each of the three types

The Leadership Factions - The Alliance vs. The Shadow Runners You will choose your side at the very beginning of the game when you opt to complete Triton Steel's or Beldon Ax's quest.

The Martial Factions - The Blademasters vs. The Warders vs. The Magicians Also known as the class factions, your side in this conflict is determined by which class you select at the start of the game. Warriors are Blademasters, Rangers are Warders, and Wizards are Magicians.

The Financial Factions - The Mercenaries vs. The Merchant's Guild vs. The Commoners You will select your faction for this group in the Jungle of Tempor (second area).

III. Faction Emblems and Merchants - What Are These Things?

Completing quests in Hands of War 3 rewards you with gold, faction emblems for the corresponding faction, and sometimes equipment. Faction emblems act as currency when buying from faction-specific merchants.

Faction Merchants are found in the east wing of the capital city and in each faction's camp out in the world. Faction Merchants are also the only place where you can purchase new abilities, so acquiring emblems is certainly important!

IV. Character Stats and Attributes - What Increases What?

Mousing-over any of the attributes under your character menu will also tell you how that particular attribute affects your character.

There are four primary attributes and four secondary attributes. Primary attributes are determined by your class and role, and secondary attributes are determined by how you like to play your character

Primary Attributes

- Strength (str) – Increases damage of auto attacks and abilities made using melee weapons.
- Agility (agi) – Increases damage of auto attacks and abilities made using bows.
- Intelligence (int) – Increases damage of auto attacks and abilities made using wands.
- Grace (gra) – Increases the effectiveness of all healing abilities.

Secondary Attributes

- Stamina (sta) – Increases max health and health recovery rate.
- Dexterity (dex) – Increases critical strike chance and movement speed.
- Focus (foc) – Increases max energy and energy recovery rate.
- Speed (spd) – Increases haste (attack, ability and casting speed).

Every time you level up, you will gain four attributes to spend (under the character menu). There is really no right way to spend your points, except you wouldn't want to spend points for intelligence or agility if you were a Warrior since you can't use bows or wands (same goes for the other two classes).

If you're a Ranger who likes to hit really hard (big crits), you could spend you points between Agility and Dexterity.

If you're a Wizard who likes to cast really fast, you could spend your points between Intelligence and Speed.

If you find yourself out of energy all the time, you might consider putting some points into Focus.

V. Champions and Managing Your Party - Who Does What?

As you play through Hands of War 3 and gain and lose reputation with various factions, you will have champions that will join your party.

When managing your party, there are three roles to be filled: Dealing Damage (DPS), Healing, and Tanking (Taking Damage). Each of your champions has the ability to fill one of two roles. For example, Triton Steel and Beldon Ax can be assigned to either a DPS or Tanking role.

A balanced party in Hands of War 3 is one in which there is no more than one tank and one healer. The role to which your champions are assigned also affect which attributes are most important to them and which pieces of equipment will be flagged as upgrades for them.

When switching a champion's party role, they will automatically reallocate their ability points gained from leveling up to the appropriate attributes (as long as they are set to auto-apply under the character menu - which is advised).

VI. Keybinds / Hotkeys - It Saves Time

Here is a list of hotkeys for Hands of War 3

- WASD/Arrows/Click – Move Character
- 1-9 – Use Hotbar Ability
- SHIFT + Click - Attack Target
- Q - Use Health Potion
- E - Use Energy Potion
- R – Summon/Dismiss Mount
- C – Character Menu
- M – Map Menu B – Abilities Menu
- V – Party Menu
- L – Quest Log
- N – Factions Menu
- O – Options Menu
- ESC – Clears Target / Cancels Area Spell

VII. Area 1 Guide - Tempor's Capital

The very first thing you will do in the first area is accept a quest from either Triton Steel (Alliance) or Beldon Ax (Shadow Runners). This will determine, for the rest of the game, which of the two factions you will ally with. You cannot change your mind later.

Follow the quest line out of the capital city to the camp. There will be repeatable (blue) quests available for you. It is recommended (throughout the game) to do the repeatable quests are least once. Repeatable quests are often designed to go along side of the quests that you need to complete for the main storyline, so completing them won't be entirely separate.

You will notice the three martial factions along the southern edge of Tempor. At any time, you can travel to your corresponding faction (determined by your class) and complete the quests, but it is better that you wait until you have your first champion (Triton or Beldon).

Follow the quest line for the Alliance/Shadow Runners until you are given a quest to find Triton/Beldon. After completing that quest (and talking to Triton/Beldon) to get them to join your party, make sure you accept the quest to travel to the Jungle.

Before traveling to the jungle, complete the quests for your martial faction (Blademaster, Warder, Magician), and make sure to accept the final quest from them to find your martial faction champion in the jungle.

You are good to travel to the jungle when you are around level 6, and have the two quests to go to the jungle (one from the Alliance or Shadow Runners, and one from your martial faction)

VIII. Area 2 Guide - Jungle

Upon arriving at the jungle, you should first go to the Alliance/Shadow Runner camp and complete the first couple quests from them. When you receive a quest to find the forward camp deeper in the jungle, that's your hint to go and turn in the martial faction quest that you've been holding on to.

When you turn in your martial faction quests, you'll be given a series of quests in the jungle. Complete all of the quests and speak to your champion to gain your second party member!

Before traveling to the forward camp of the Alliance/Shadow Runners, speak with the citizen at the center of the jungle (green tent on your map). He will instruct you about the financial factions found on the western side of the jungle.

After speaking to him, travel to the western side of the jungle and select which of the three factions (Mercenaries, Merchant's Guild, or Commoners) you would like to ally with. Complete the two quests from your chosen faction, and make sure you get the quest to find the next camp in south east Tempor (by the coast). This is where you will head after you finish in the jungle.

Now head to the foward camp (Alliance/Shadow Runner) and continue that quest line until you find yourself facing the first boss: Hinderfiend!

IX. Area 3 Guide - The Gold Coast

When you arrive in this area, the first thing you should do is turn in the quest from the financial faction you selected (Mercenaries, Merchant's Guild, or Commoners). Complete the series of quests given to you, and finally speak to the faction champion to gain your third party addition!

From here, complete all of the quests from your martial faction along the southern area, then move in and complete the quests for the Alliance/Shadow Runners, which will lead you into the Tower of Stone.

Before entering the Tower of Stone, make sure all of the other quests in the area have been completed and that you are well stocked with potions and your party is well-equipped.

The Tower is divided into three sections (Red, Blue, and Green). In each of the sections, you will have to activate a switch which will open the door leading to the boss.

The red and green doors simply have monsters that you must fight through to get to the switch. The blue door requires that you travel through a series of maze-like rooms with portals to find the switch

Once all the switches have been activted, travel to the center room and proceed through the door to find the second boss: Voidwielder!

X. Area 4 Guide - Mountains of Tempor

Once you reach the mountains of Tempor, it is recommended that you complete all of the financial and martial faction quests before the Alliance/Shadow Runner quests.

The Alliance/Shadow Runner quests will lead you up the mountain pass where you will face two separate bosses. Make sure you are well-equipped and have plenty of potions!

XI. Area 5 Guide - Varz

As with the fourth area, it is you should complete all of the quests for the martial and financial factions before doing the main storyline quests of the Alliance/Shadow Runners since you'll get some nice rewards for wrapping up the side storylines.

Once you're ready to start the main storyline quests, you find yourself sent to the capital city of Varz where you'll face the first boss of this area, followed quickly by the last boss of the game!

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

WASD/Arrows/Click to move
C – Open Inventory
M – Map
L – Quest Log
B – Abilities
V – Party Menu
N – Factions Menu
O – Options

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