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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Sam Otero's free fan-made spin on the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Tower Defense, was a surprise smash-hit, blending gotta-catch-em-all RPG elements with surprisingly complex and strategic tower-defense gameplay. How do you top something like that? Why, by turning it into an adventure game too, of course! Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations has arrived, bringing with it a whole host of new features. Play as a boy or a girl as you manually explore the world, traveling to become a Pokemon Master and solve the mystery of the strange Shadow Pokemon in the process. Note that you do need to register a free account to play and save, but since the e-mail address is only used for trading and such, feel free to enter gibberish.


You can use the chatbox to the right of the game. Chat about anything pokemon related in the pokemon room or chat about other things in the other rooms!


Pokemon TD 2

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Updated: November 16, 2014 6:41 PM

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