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Fighter command needs your assistance! The Battle of Britain is about to begin and you have been called upon to manage the British defences. Organise your men, build planes, check intelligence reports and send out your Spitfires to defend the country against the threat of German invasion.

Every day you get a chance to rearrange your strategy.

- Check your intelligence reports and place planes to defend where you think attacks are likely to come.
- Allocate men to different jobs.
- Choose which planes you’d like to focus on building in the factory screen. Spitfires are more expensive than Hurricanes but are better at taking down the enemy.
- When you’re done fiddling with your strategy, hit start day to view a simulation of the day’s events and get a report on how you did.
- To win, shoot down 300 German planes.
- If you lose two or more cities it’s game over and you’ll have to rethink your strategy.

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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