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Escape Games

Updated: March 9, 2018 5:02 AM
You thrive on the challenge of escaping from bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, schools, your car, a closet, or just about anything! Escape games literally involve escaping from any situation, anywhere, anytime, life threatening or not. Collect items, figure out puzzles and get the hell out of whatever mess you find yourself in. The escape games on freeworldgroup range from the scary and bloody, such as Eyes the Horror game or The Deepest Sleep, to the humourous (LOL Cat Escape). Whatever type of escape game you are looking for, you will find it below. Be warned, once you begin these games, you will not stop! Have fun!

Unsafe 2

Unsafe 2 Try to escape the school.

22 Rooms

22 Rooms Can you escape house?

Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond

Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond Horrors and love await u in this escape game...


Extraction Escape from a virtual reality world

Descent of the Tomb

Descent of the Tomb Will u make it out alive?

The Mother of the Bird Men

The Mother of the Bird Men Escape if u can, because if u don't no one will.


Insanitorium Ur in the mad house now... try to get out!

Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex Escape from the toughest prison in the world!

Cube Escape - The Mill

Cube Escape - The Mill U find urself in a strange mill... try to escape before u starve.

Don't Escape 3

Don't Escape 3 Ur about to be sucked out of an airlock... wot will u do?

Mystery Survival Escape Day 4

Mystery Survival Escape Day 4 Get the frook back to earth... if u can.

Mystery Survival Escape day 3

Mystery Survival Escape day 3 Take a step through the space portal and land on a new planet!

Cube Escape: Seasons

Cube Escape: Seasons Explore ur memories of times past, starting in 1964.

Abandoned in Ireland

Abandoned in Ireland Point and click your way out of this situation... again!

Catastrophe Escape

Catastrophe Escape Get the hell out of the town before the tornado hits!

Abandoned in China

Abandoned in China A biz deal goes awry, and u find yourself lost in a city street on China...

Desert Survival Escape 4

Desert Survival Escape 4 Will this be the day u get out?

Desert Survival Escape

Desert Survival Escape 1 Get out alive before you turn into a dried up husk...

Hypothermia Game

Hypothermia Game U know nothing. It's cold. Will you survive?

Spooky Island Survival Escape 1

Spooky Island Survival Escape 4 U decide today is the day you get off the island!

Spooky Island Survival Escape 1

Spooky Island Survival Escape 1 Your ordeal begins here, shipwrecked...

Nekra Psaria

Nekra Psaria It's weird, it's very weird, it's extremely weird... try to escape.

Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 Get out and find out who u r...

Submachine 9

Submachine 9 Explore the temple and the secrets hidden within it’s ancient walls.

Escape 7: The Office

Escape 7: The Office OMG how will u get out of this one?

Backyard Escape

Backyard Escape eeeek eeeeek, will u ever get out of the backyard?

Escape the Bloody Prom

Escape the Bloody Prom Solve hellish puzzles and avoid demonic creatures!

Escape from 26

Escape from 26 Out of nowhere you find urself in one particular cage – no. 26

Samsara Room

Samsara Room Dare to enter the most mysterious rm escape game ever made?

Must Escape the Fortress

Must Escape the Fortress It's time to leave the castle before things get dangerous

Escape from the Mall

Escape from the Mall No money, stores are closed, and you are all alone at the mall.

Cursed Castle Escape

Cursed Castle Escape Use your brain power to make your way out!

Don't Escape

Don't Escape Prevent yourself from escaping, or people will die!

Fast Food Escape

Fast Food Escape Trapped in Chunky Burger, you must make your escape!

Pierre Hotel

Pierre Hotel Find ur girlfriend who disappeared while checking into the hotel.

Arcade Escape

Arcade Escape All alone, locked up in the arcade.

Vortex Point

Vortex Point Help the team of paranormal investigators solve the case.

Killer Escape

Killer Escape Escape the cell if you can!

Horror Hospital Escape

Horror Hospital Escape Trapped in a padded cell! But you're not crazy...are you?!

Escape the Candy Factory

Escape the Candy Factory It's happened again, how will you get out this time?!

Haunted Halloween Escape

Haunted Halloween Escape On a Halloween night, you’re trapped in a frightening room!

Restaurant Escape

Restaurant Escape Dear lord, how did this happen?

Must escape the Ice Castle

Must Escape the Ice Castle Yes, try to escape if you can!

Slammer Escape 2

Slammer Escape 2 Can you get out?!

Escape Green Room

Escape Green Room It's so green, how will u ever get out?!

Medieval Village Escape

Medieval Village Escape Can u get out alive?


Timore Escape Timore, escape hell.

Exit Corners

Exit/Corners Escape the abandoned hotel before your time runs out!

21 Rooms

21 Rooms Play the insane game of a madman, survive, get rich!

Forgotten Hill - Surgery

Forgotten Hill - Surgery Can u escape the horrors?

Forgotten Hill - Fall

Forgotten Hill - Fall Broken down car. No mobile signal. Ur doomed...

Abandoned Mysteries Mad Manor

Abandoned Mysteries Mad Manor Discover wot horror lie within.

Amazing Escape Grave Yard

Amazing Escape Grave Yard Point and click ur way out of the grave yard!

Cube Escape - Case 23

Cube Escape - Case 23 Dead chick on the floor. Time to investigate!

Ghastly Asylum

Ghastly Asylum Get out alive or spend the rest of eternity in the madness.

Escape from the Catacombs

Escape from the Catacombs Can u get out before u become rat food?

Mystery Survival Escape

Mystery Survival Escape Point and click ur way back to civilization.

Must Escape the Dragon Cave

Must Escape the Dragon Cave Get out before u get eaten...

Escape Plan Museum

Escape Plan Museum Yep u did it again, got ur-self stuck in a public place... get out...

Ghostscape 3D

Ghostscape 3D Enter the mansion of doom and try to discover its secrets.

Nekra Psaria 2

Nekra Psaria 2 Get the frook out of this weird place and away from the evil doctor.

Desert Survival Escape 3

Desert Survival Escape 3 Still in the desert, what will you do?

Desert Survival Escape Day 2

Desert Survival Escape Day 2 Ur getting more thirsty, how the frook will you survive...

Spooky Island Survival Escape 5

Spooky Island Survival Escape 5 Day 5 is here, and you're still on the island!!!

Spooky Island Survival Escape 2

Spooky Island Survival Escape 2 Continue ur journey and try to get off the island!


Eien Where are you? What are you doing in this place? Solve the puzzles...

Eyes the Horror Game

Eyes the Horror Game Move around the creepy house... in the dark... dont die

Great House Escape

Great House Escape Can you get out alive?

A Tale of Two Yetis

A Tale of Two Yetis It was the best of yetis, it was the worst of yetis. OK, it's an escaper!

Find Your Way Out

Find Your Way Out Click click click and bammm ur out... maybe

Escape the Old Brewery

Escape the Old Brewery Ur trapped inside... how will u escape?

Lunar Escape

Lunar Escape Do you have the logical skills needed to transcend all 30 levels?

Sad Asylum

Sad Asylum Search around, find items to help you escape.

Darker Ride Escape

Darker Ride Escape You're locked up inside a dark ride at an amusement park.


Urbex Explore a scary old abandoned factory.

Escape the Amusement Park

Escape the Amusement Park Can you get out of the park of death?

Escape from detention

Escape from Detention Gather your supplies and solve the puzzles.

Empty Asylum

Empty Asylum Solve puzzles and try to find your way out!

Anticast II

Anticast II Leon returned to the world of Aura to save Sara. It didn't work out!

Escape Turquoise Room

Escape Turquoise Room You're in deep doo doo if u dont get out!

Escape the Bookstore

Escape the Bookstore So very very sad, you are trapped in the bookstore!

Tomb of Doom

Tomb of Doom Get out before you become a permanent resident!

Must Escape the Island

Must Escape the Island Stranded on the island, you must find a way off!

Kitchen Room Escape

Kitchen Room Escape OMG you need to go buy food!

Escape the Ladys Room

Escape the Ladys Room It is a little awkward, but you must find a way out!

Escape Redgrove Manor

Escape Redgrove Manor Can you get out alive?!

Death Trap

Death Trap Can you get out of the house alive?!

Escape the Crashing Plane

Escape the Crashing Plane OMG OMG, can you get out before it crashes?!

Cellar Door

Cellar Door Probably the most scary escape game ever - MATURE PLAYERS ONLY!
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