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Escape Game 2

Updated: December 8, 2014 8:00 AM
You thrive on the challenge of escaping from bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, schools, your car, a closet, or just about anything! Escape games literally involve escaping from any situation, anywhere, anytime, life threatening or not. Collect items, figure out puzzles and get the hell out of whatever mess you find yourself in. The escape games on freeworldgroup range from the scary and bloody, such as Eyes the Horror game or The Deepest Sleep, to the humourous (LOL Cat Escape). Whatever type of escape game you are looking for, you will find it below. Be warned, once you begin these games, you will not stop! Have fun!

Must Escape the Playground

Must Escape the Playground It's your worst nightmare come true!

Escape the Closet

Escape the Closet OMG will you ever get out?!

Halloween Escape

Halloween Escape OMG, you have to get out of this creepy house!

Escape the Shack

Escape the Shack Dear Lord, can you make it out alive?!

Garden Door

Garden Door Can you escape?!

Must Escape the Burger Joint

Must Escape the Burger Joint It's your worst nightmare come true... get out if u can!

Good Memory Escape

Good Memory Escape Try to escape the puzzle house!

Sapphire Room Escape

Sapphire Room Escape Find a way out and get all the sapphires at the same time!

Sarcastic Cat Escape

Sarcastic Cat Escape Help find your lost cat in this crazy point and clickerer!

Sneak Thief 2

Sneak Thief 2 He's trapped under water - build something so he can escape!

Escape from Zombies

Escape from Zombies Get away from the zombies in this fun escape game!

Masonic Mystery

Masonic Mystery Solve the mystery in the point and clickerer!

Dolls Mystery

Dolls Mystery A very difficult escape game - is your brain up to the challenge?!

Escaping the Prison

Escaping the Prison Can u make it out in this cool adventure game?!

Escape Chuck Norris

Escape Chuck Norris It's everyone's worst nightmare come true!

The Mold

The Mold Explore a 3D world and solve the puzzles!

Escape the Bathroom

Escape the Bathroom How the heck did you get stuck in the bathroom?!

Millionth Bathroom Escape

Millionth Bathroom Escape OMG, it's happened to all of us - can u get out?!

Escape the Dungeon

Escape the Dungeon OMG, can you get out alive?!

Christmas Escape

Christmas Escape Get ready for Santa in this escape game!

666 escape

666 Escape OMG OMG... can you escape?!

Escape from the Cave

Escape from the Cave U find yourself back in time in a cave - how will you escape?!

Hanger Escape

Hanger Escape Can you launch the bomber and escape?!

Wedding Escape

Wedding Escape U don't want to get married - try to escape before it's too late!

Swimming Pool Escape

Swimming Pool Escape How embarrassing - you're locked in the pool!

Ruby Loft Escape

Ruby Loft Escape Can you find a way out and leave with all the rubies?!

Sonya the Spy

Sonya the Spy Use your brain to break into the lab!

Air Crash

Air Crash Try to send out a message for help in this point and clicker!

Silent Hill

Silent Hill Search for answers in a haunted town full of secrets!

Classic Escape

Classic Escape Can you make it out of the room alive?!

Arrival in Hell 2

Arrival in Hell II Try to escape the demonic prison!

Japan Adventure

Japan Adventure Can you escape the beautiful Japanese estate?!

Space Quest

Space Quest It's an escape game in outer spaaaace!

Bond Escape 2

Bond Escape 2 Think like a spy and try to get out!

Cave Labyrinth

Cave Labyrinth Can u escape the cave of doom?!

Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasures Explore the deep in this point and clickerer!

Pharaohs Tomb

Pharaohs Tomb Can u get out before your air runs out?!

Lounge Room Escape

Lounge Room Escape Lounge rooms can be very scary and difficult to leave!

Speed Escape

Speed Escape Solve the point and click puzzler.... faaassst!

Friday Night Escape

Friday Night Escape Can u get out of the room to hit the town?!

Butterfly Room Escape

Butterfly Room Escape Escape the killer butterflys before it's too late!

Island Escape

Island Escape Can you get off the island?!

Gambling Room Escape

Gambling Room Escape Get out before the henchmen get your money!

Mafia Lair Escape

Mafia Lair Escape before the Don comes back!

Villa Escape 2

Villa Escape 2 You made it out of the house - but can you escape the villa?!

So Close Escape

So Close Escape Oh maaan, you dropped your key - how will you get it back?!

Electric Escape

Electric Escape Electrifying room escape fun!

Sassy Cat Escape

Sassy Cat Escape Damn that sassy cat - can u escape?!

Villa Escape

Villa Escape You're locked in the villa house - can you get out?!

Training Camp Escape

Training Camp Escape You're locked in a military dormitory!
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