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Walkthrough for game Evolver - Click here to play the game.

  • Click the bird 3 times until it gets to the bee platform.

  • Click mushroom to eat it.

  • Fly to middle area and poo in hole on the ground. Five mushrooms will grow

  • Match faces of mushrooms, continue series of numbers 1,2,3,4,and 5 with spots. Stairs will grow and monkey will evolve

  • Before you go up the stairs, click on pole and little stone in monkey area

  • Go to the fountain, and jump into. Solve the puzzle

  • Puzzle: match symbols in highlighted triangle with symbols in opposite triangle

  • Come back and push the eye of big tree

  • Wait until blue orb shows and click it. It will fall

  • Click stone, it will make a pivot and throw big stone to the hole

  • Put orb on holed stone on right and a fountain flows, starting the gear. It will make a ladder go up to the bees

  • Go up and push coloured gems in the same order as the bee (push bee before, write colours in a paper). It will make a coin. Click it and put it on the thing in front the tree

  • The tree will give you a key

  • Move the arms of statue at top of the tree until it grows a vine

  • Go up the vine and put key in keyhole of the stone

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