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Cube Escape- The Lake

That party last night was wild... really wild. You must of passed out after the nineth or tenth drink... u can't remember. But now the consequence of unhealthy drinking has materialised.

You wake up finding yourself in a strange cabin... how you got to this cabin on the shores of what you believe to be Rusty Lake, is not known to you.

You're stuck in the aforementioned cabin, and you cannot just jump in the water to escape - it's too cold at this time of the year.

It's your task in this escape game to find items that will help you unlock things, open things and ultimately get away from the cabin and back to civilisation where you can beat up whoever dumped you off at the cabin.

Be warned, all may not appear as it appears to be, and what is, may actually be not. The mystery of this magical place will evolve as you slowly figure things out. And of course if ur a lazy butt, you can always use the walkthrough to the right...

Good luck escaping, ur going to need it.

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Updated: May 13, 2015 12:01 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Mouse click around and use items u find to escape.


End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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